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Helping Win Your Disability Case

Why should I hire an attorney to represent me in my Social Security disability claim?
Claimants represented by an attorney win more often than those who are not represented.  Most people and many general lawyers do not understand the complex SSA disability laws.  It is critical to understand what you need to prove legally in order to win your case.

I can’t afford an attorney.  How can I hire one to represent me?
There is no cost for a telephone consultation with Stephanie Lake and you pay only if you win your case. Maximum payment is 25 percent of back benefits. Government imposed caps to the attorney compensation could result in even lower legal fees.

What is my case worth if I win?  
The amount you will win depends on several factors:  how long have you been disabled, when or if you will ever be able to work again, the amount of your monthly benefit and whether you have eligible dependents.  The amount we win for you does not include the value of Medicare or Medicaid you will be eligible for after being found disabled.  The price of medical insurance can be astounding and not affordable.

Is there a list of conditions that Social Security considers disabling?
No.  Most illnesses can vary from minor to severe, but there is no single list.  Disability cases are won based on your limitations, not your symptoms.

Do you have to be permanently disabled to get Social Security benefits? 
No.  You have to become disabled or expect to be disabled for at least one year.

How long do I have to wait after becoming disabled to get Social Security benefits? 
You can file for benefits immediately.

Do you handle cases in all cities and counties in Arizona? 
Yes. Our firm handles cases all over Arizona and we frequently travel to every single SSA courthouse in the state.


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Mrs. Lake was very professional and most pleasant. She was aggressive when she needed to be.
Nancy AlvarezCoolidge, AZ
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