Social Security Expands Compassionate Allowance List

Published Sept. 3, 2018 on Alamogordo Daily News BALTIMORE – The Social Security Administration announced five more Compassionate Allowance Conditions. These conditions are: fibrolamellar cancer, megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome (MMIHS), megalencephaly capillary malformation syndrome (MCAP), superficial siderosis of the central nervous system and tetrasomy 18p. Compassionate Allowances is a program to identify medical conditions […]

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Attorney Stephanie Lake Speaks at Prestigious Social Security Bench-Bar Conference

During the recent Social Security Bench-Bar Conference, District of Arizona, attorney Stephanie Lake, founder of the Law Offices of Stephanie Lake, P.C., discussed attorney fees and Social Security cases in federal court. “This was a collaborative seminar with Social Security attorneys and Federal Judges and Magistrates, so there were some interesting differences of opinion as […]

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Author delves into U.S. Social Security’s origins to debunk myths

By Mark Miller for Posted Aug. 2, 2018. CHICAGO (Reuters) – Social Security is unaffordable due to our aging population. Social Security is a driver of our national debt. Social Security is built on a house of cards – its assets are just IOUs. No doubt you have heard some or all of these […]

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