Attorney Stephanie Lake Speaks at Prestigious Social Security Bench-Bar Conference

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During the recent Social Security Bench-Bar Conference, District of Arizona, attorney Stephanie Lake, founder of the Law Offices of Stephanie Lake, P.C., discussed attorney fees and Social Security cases in federal court. “This was a collaborative seminar with Social Security attorneys and Federal Judges and Magistrates, so there were some interesting differences of opinion as well as important areas of dispute that we could resolve,” said Lake, a board-certified specialist in Social Security disability law.

Topics covered included how the government can actually pay an attorney’s client fees if they win the Social Security case, getting the government to agree and settle those fees, how to document one’s work and more. “I also talked about how once you win a remand or reversal, if you can get the government to pay as much as the attorney fee as possible, the less you have to charge your client,” added Lake.

In addition to the Social Security Bench-Bar Conference, Lake in the past has presented at the Bench-Bar Federal Court Self-Service Clinic, where she discussed putting together material and strategies for unrepresented plaintiffs trying to handle cases in federal court to try and get volunteer attorneys to handle the case with the guidance they put together at the bar. She also this past summer attended a Bench-Bar with Social Security Judges.

“This event focused on finding ways to expedite critical cases. Our goal was to come up with strategies to highlight those cases and help judges make quicker decisions,” concluded Lake. “Currently, the wait time for hearings is 600 days, so if someone turns up with stage four cancer, for example, we try to get them to the front of line as quickly as possible and help the Judge.” 

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There are so many ways to tell you thank you for taking my case, but all ways fail to truly express my appreciation of your time and services.  It was a godsend to have all of you working so hard for this disabled guy.  Everyone working on my case was so polite and patient with me.  It was encouraging to know progress was made with each paper I put together, I realized at the time how much work it took to win a case. The favorable decision for my social security benefits was an emotional m…
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