Sometimes More Than Social Security Disability Benefits Are Available

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Clients often come seeking help and are not even aware of all of their possible rights and benefits besides Social Security disability. Other legal protections and benefits may include:

Some people have lost jobs that could have been salvaged with a simple negotiation with an employer. If an employee has a disability, but can continue to do the major functions of the job with a reasonable accommodation, then the employer may be required to allow that worker to keep the job. “Reasonable” goes for both parties and needs to be negotiated, but it can keep someone employed.

Short and Long-Term Disability Benefits:

There are employers that provide short and/or long term disablity insurance benefits for disabled employees. These programs often pay more than Social Security disability and have lower standards for eligibility. Employees should always be encouraged to check with their Human Relations Departments before leaving their job to find out what benefis may be available to them.

Veterans Benefits:

There are a wide array of benefits for veterans and they should be encouraged to consult with the VA about their rights for both service connected, and non-service connected impairments. It is surprising how many veterans are not aware of their right to health coverage through the VA.

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury:

Many clients come to us with medical problems from work injuries or from accidents, medical procedures, side effects of medications or defective products. These clients are referred to attorneys who focus in these areas of the law to protect their rights.

Widows Social Security Disablity and Disabled Adult Child’s benefits:

Many widows and widowers over the age of 50 may be eligible for Social Security disabliity benefits based upon a deceased spouse’s earnings record. If the technical requirements are met, this can often result in much greater benefits than that person may have on their own account. Also, people who are found totally disabled before age 22 may be eligible for benefits based upon a parent’s Social Security account, again providing better benefits.

Student Loan Forgiveness:

People who are found totally disabled may be eligible for forgiveness of student loans generated by the federal government. This is a narrow benefit but may be critical for people who can not afford those loan payments once they stop working.


Call Our Offices For A Free Consultation

When you refer a client to our office we will investigate all of the possible benefits available to our clients and refer them to counselors, agencies and attorneys who can help. It is our goal to provide complete service and advice to our clients. We would enjoy the chance to come to your agency and discuss working together to provide protection for individuals with disabilities with one of our free in-service presentations.

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Mrs. Lake and her associates did an excellent job handling my case. I was kept informed at all times on the procedures and goings ons. Due to her expertise and experience, I won my case. I would recommend Mrs. Lake to anyone battling for Social Security Disability.
Taffi A. BartonPima, AZ
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